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Healthy~ish Written By Hannah & Mimi


I read a quote once. It said, “Sunday calories don’t count. Those are the Lord’s calories and he wants you to be happy!”

It’s challenging to be on a diet. Who wants to do work that makes you miserable? Not me, I like to enjoy my meals. I look forward to eating like a fat kid who loves cake! Research shows that eating foods you love can lift your spirits and improve your mood.

I truly believe that you are what you eat. A poor diet can leave you feeling sluggish, groggy, lethargic, and just downright grumpy! All of these things may increase your desire for junk food. Why not create a Healthy~ish lifestyle change that works for you? It doesn’t have to be depressing and unfulfilling!

In this book, you will discover a more laid-back approach to enjoying your meals. You can relax knowing that it will be easier to indulge from time to time while keeping moderation in mind! The new you is something that you get to enjoy just as much as your loved ones do. You are not a grumpy person on a miserable diet plan!

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